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Horse Agistment Rates


Spelling Agistment. Does not included rugging or feed. No use of arena and barn. 24/7 supervision, watering and large paddocks.

$85 p.w


Full Agistment with Private Paddock and  natural Shelter

Includes full use of all facilities, 2 feeds per day*, rugs changed as required, private paddock with shelter. Padock will be cleaned 1x a week.

Starts at $145 p.w - FULL 2019


Full Agistment with Stable and Private Paddock (Not Available in 2018)

Includes full use of all facilities*, 2 feeds per day* rugs changed as required, stable cleaned daily and paddock will be be cleaned 1x a week.

$380 p.w - FULL 2019


Holiday Agistment

Please give us a call as we cater for individual requirements.


Daily feeds are a mixture of:

Non heating pony pellets, Lucerne Chaff , Mixed Chaff,

Oaten Chaff or Wheaten Chaff, Lucerne Hay, Meadow Hay, Oaten Hay & Salt


Feeds will be mixed wet however available dry as per your request, different packages available.


We do cater for individual diets  - additional charges may apply.


Medication can be given daily if needed to the horse for a small fee of $ 5.50 per treatment, please speak with Carla for details.


All prices include 10% GST

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