1. Can I have a late check out ?- if possible we are happy to organize this for you it will depend on our bookings.

2. Do I have to bring my own fire wood? No, we supply firewood for you. 

3. Does the venues have a flushing toilet? The cottage does, the others have a high standard compost toilet. 

4. Are you dog friendly?


Yes we are but it does mean you still have to supervise your dog at all times. Simple rules are in place such as cleaning up after them and bring in his/her own doggie bed.

5. Does the love.lake.belltent have a fridge? No, the tent has a large esky.

6. Does it cost extra to kayak at the property? No it doesn't but please put the kayaks back how you found them.

7. Do the venues have pots, cutlery and  wine glasses? Yes, if you break anything please let us know. 

8. Where should I get supplies like food and drinks? Kurrajong is our nearest village only 7min away. 

9. Can you suggest trails, adventures and things to do? Yes of course, please follow links previous page.

10. How much is a grazing box? The grazing box is $75 and will be ready for your on arrival.

11. How much a your lovey-dovey package?


The package cost $150 and includes the grazing box, wine, rose pedals (silk) and fresh flower arrangement. All will be set up before arrival for the extra WOW factor, perfect for birthdays or anniversaries etc.. 

12. Does the cottage have an outside fireplace? The cottage has a small firepit outside, so do the lodge and tent.

12. How private is the cottage? Our cottage is private but not secluded, other buildings like the chook house and shed are nearby.

13. Are there wineries in the region? Yes, we have a couple of wineries called Tizzana and Jubilee. 

14. Where should I book a romantic dinner? Lochiel House in Kurrajong heights or Kravings.

15. Where can we see the sunset or sunrise?  Vale of Avoca on Cabbage tree road. 

16. Where is the closest Glow worm cave? Newnes has Glow worm tunnels.

17. Where should I stop to get coffee? The Delilana.

18. Can I have visitors during the evening? Unfortunately not with out  our approval. 

19. Is it always possible to have a campfire, Unfortunately not during fire season & very windy days. 

20. What hikes would you recommend? Walls lookout walking followed by a tasty pie from pie in the sky in Bilpin, Grand canyon walking track, blue mountains national park Evans rd, Blackheath are great tracks. 

21. What is great to visit if you don't like walking? Bilpin and Kurrajong visit, great for sightseeing and shop.


wildlife all over.


The gumtree lodge.

outside bath hawkesbury
outside bath hawkesbury

outdoors pleasures.


glamping & kayaking

Let's celebrate in style on a Island in
Let's celebrate in style on a Island in


picnic time
picnic time